Viper: Masking Details

Posted December 14th, 2011 by Devin and filed in Colonial Viper MKII, Modeling

Now that all of the white is in, I decided to go with the avionics bays and engines for the next part of the process.  It’s a small and seemingly insignificant part of the project, but it takes a lot of work to get it painted.  Below are images showing the tedious process of masking.  The tape is at most 4mm wide, cut into even smaller strips so that they’ll fit where needed.  I’d say that each bay took me about 45 minutes to completely mask.  Then it was literally two minutes to spray the paint, and then another two minutes to remove the tape.

The end result is very clean and worth the effort, but the color is a bit dark to my eye.  I’m going to leave it as-is until the engines are done and the stripes and guns are added.  If they still look too dark then, I’ll lighten them with some light gray glazes and washes.

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