Devin Poore thinks it sounds odd to write about himself in the third person, so he won’t be doing that in his bio.

I was born and raised in rural Indiana, where the world was evidently black and white. My family was very supportive of my odd habits of model making and reading everything I could get my hands on. My devotion to those activities are why I didn’t have much of a social life in high school. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

After high school I joined Uncle Sam’s Yacht Club, where I served six years as a missile systems technician and operator. During that time I visited many exotic and filthy ports o’ call and I read even more (you’d be surprised how much of that ACCELERATE YOUR LIFE! stuff in the Navy commercials entails sitting on your ass). During that time I began to write. It was cheaper than therapy. After the Navy, a few side routes and detours led me back to New York City, where I’d once been home ported. Since then I have worked several tolerable jobs, picked up model making again, and I continue to write.

Me manning the sound powered phones onboard USS Normandy

I have finished a few novels and multiple short stories for which I still seek homes, and had several short pieces published in the New York Times “Disunion” feature. I also continue to attend meetings with the disgustingly talented members of my writing group Altered Fluid. I continue to make models for myself, which sometimes end up in the hands of private collectors. I love to travel whenever I can. In 2016 I broke free of the IT/computer technology world of employment, and became a full time model maker, working for places such as Gulliver’s Gate in Manhattan, and Radii, Inc.

I currently live amid the strollers and Hummers in Hoboken, NJ, with my beautiful, and just a little silly, wife Kristen Mangione.