Gulliver’s Gate Work Samples

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Battle of Brawner Farm: August 28, 1862

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Yesterday evening, August 28th, I sat on our deck in Hoboken, New Jersey, right before sunset.  I watched the sun sink below the horizon and thought about what was kicking off down in Virginia, 150 years ago.  The battle at Brawner Farm began just before sunset, at about 6 p.m. in 1862, but now with time zones and other factors, it was nearly 8 p.m. here by the time the sky had turned to a gradient of orange upwards to dark blue, and everyday objects replaced their hard lines with shadows.

Brawner Farm was the first battle for the Union unit known as The Iron Brigade, a unit I’ve developed a particular fondness for.  They didn’t have that name 150 years ago at Brawner Farm, though, not yet.  They’d earn that at the battle of South Mountain in less than a month.  On August 28th, they were known as the Black Hats.  The unit was made up of entirely “western” soldiers, men from Wisconsin and Indiana; the only brigade in the eastern theater to be made up so.  In order to further distinguish them, their commander John Gibbon outfit them in the regular army uniform of tall black hats, long blue frock coats, and even dress leggings.  Imagine going into battle wearing that.

The unit was formed in late 1861, Continue Reading »

USS Chickasaw: Part 2

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I’ve been sidetracked on another project (that I’ll post about next week) and Chickasaw has languished on the shelf.  I freed up some bench space, though, and here we go…

Earth Day

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This isn’t the best photo of the Earth from space you’ll find, but it means something to me. It’s from a packet that my grandfather gave me when I was a teenager. I believe it is a NASA press release from immediately following the Apollo 11 moon mission of 1969.

So, a shot of Earth on Earth Day. And to quote Wally Schirra, who flew many missions for NASA, including an earlier Apollo 7:

“I left Earth three times. I found no place else to go. Please take care of Spaceship Earth.”

First Official Post

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So, someone else with a blog, eh?  Actually I guess not everyone has a blog, but in my circle of friends it sometimes sure does seem like that is the case.  I thought a long time before I decided to start my own.  What do I have to say?  Why does anyone want to read what I think?  But that line of questioning just called to mind why I would be a writer at all, so I shut up and looked for some software. 

I foresee this as having three distinct parts, dealing with my modeling, my writing, and my photography.  Of those three things I believe one I’m really good at, one I’m not too bad at, and the other I’m really trying.  I’ll leave which is which for whoever happens by to decide.

I’m still learning this software, so sorry for any learning-curve issues (for a tech person sometimes I’m a little slow).