The Nautilus Part 5: Lights

I’ve learned something over the past several days: whatever skill at soldering I once had — gleaned through lessons from my father and repair schools whilst in the Navy — has all been lost. While soldering these simple connections for this model I cursed a lot, burned even more, and even completely cooked an LED from the inside out. I finally got the wiring and lights hooked up and into the model, but it wasn’t a fun process. I either need to practice this skill, or I need to start buying pre-wired lighting kits.

The setup is simple, though, and that probably saved my sanity and the structural integrity of Nautilus (structural integrity generally fails when something is punted across the room). One green LED for the bridge, with a resistor on the positive lead to drop the voltage, and two strips of the LED tape to light the main lounge. Photo time…

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