Viper: Moving Forward Again


I went through the process of masking everything again and shooting the new shade of red.  A few photos of that masking and painting process.  I did the masking with Tamiya tape completely this time, choosing to not use the vinyl masks due to the problems I had with them on the first pass.


There was a little overspray here and there, but nothing major.  I’ve already polished most of it out with rubbing compound (using sandpaper on the red/white combination causes the red paint to stain the white, but the compound does not have this problem.  Who know why…).

Finally, I’ve started the plumbing of the engines.  I’m using brass wire, which I’ll leave mostly unpainted.  They’ll be weathered to blend in with their surroundings, but I like the natural metal look.  I’ve also primed the guns and am ready to paint them after a little more cleanup.  Once the piping is done, the guns are mounted, I need to do decals and paint the canopy frames, and she’ll be done!

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