First Official Post

So, someone else with a blog, eh?  Actually I guess not everyone has a blog, but in my circle of friends it sometimes sure does seem like that is the case.  I thought a long time before I decided to start my own.  What do I have to say?  Why does anyone want to read what I think?  But that line of questioning just called to mind why I would be a writer at all, so I shut up and looked for some software. 

I foresee this as having three distinct parts, dealing with my modeling, my writing, and my photography.  Of those three things I believe one I’m really good at, one I’m not too bad at, and the other I’m really trying.  I’ll leave which is which for whoever happens by to decide.

I’m still learning this software, so sorry for any learning-curve issues (for a tech person sometimes I’m a little slow).

4 thoughts on “First Official Post

  1. admin Post author

    Thanks. I figure if I think about it along those lines I won’t get cocky and think I don’t have anything left to learn!

  2. Matt Kressel

    I realized after last night’s crit that I have a lot of work to do on character development. So I took out two books from the library on just that. My problem is that I keep thinking there will be a “I’m there” moment, when in fact it’s a continual journey.

  3. Devin

    You and me both. I find that emotion is my weak spot more often than not. I write in layers, kind of like I paint, and I continually find that what I really am drawn to in stories – things like emotion – are often what I put off until late in the process. By then I can either be tired of the piece, or so excited by what I already have that I lose sight of what I had intended to put in regarding other aspects.
    When I think of character development and emotion, I think of Cormak McCarthy’s line in “The Road” where he speaks of the father and son: “Each the others world entire”. Sure it’s blatant telling and not showing, but it’s damn effective.

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