ReaderCon 2010

Posted July 13th, 2010 by Devin and filed in Writing

ReaderCon 21 has come and gone. Overall it was another great weekend in Boston with most of the Altered Fluid crew, and a lot of other writers from other places about the globe that I’ve come to know while in the spec. fic. writing community.

The arrival on Friday morning from Midtown Manhattan was delayed by a few minutes due to the car rental office being in the same vicinity as the Today Show’s free Lady GaGa concert. Many people, gridlocked sidewalks, and I nearly punched a tourist or two in the head. But I digress…

I kept true to form and only attended one panel this year. Elizabeth Hand gave a presentation on her time at the National Air and Space Museum, where she worked on a project cataloging all of the museum’s photos, at a time when Laser Disks and film camers were still cutting edge technology. Her focus was on the odd designs that only existed on paper (paper that was more aerodynamic than most of the concepts).  Fascinating material.

Later, I attended readings by Matthew Kressel and Alaya Dawn Johnson (Alaya read from MOONSHINE, her recent vampire novel that I’ll write more on later). The rest of the weekend was taken up with meeting and greeting people at the pool, at the bar, going out to dinner, and an Altered Fluid/Sybil’s Garage party that just would not end.

Overall a great weekend that left me tired yet enthusiastic on Sunday evening, sad to be back to the grind of work yet inspired to write. Already looking forward to next year.

Click here for photos by Matthew Kressel (Yeah, I took my camera, but I kept forgetting it in the room).

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