Long time no type

craneAs I’ve always said, if I’m not participating in online blogs, Facebook, emails, and anything else yet invented or yet to be, it generally means I’ve been busy with other things. A summer full of travel, a novel completed (a rough first draft, that is) and a lot of consulting work have kept me away from posting here. To get the ball rolling again, a photo of the loading *cranes in Alameda at sunset, looking north west towards the hills of San Francisco.

*the rumor is that cranes such as this in Alameda and Oakland are what inspired George Lucas to create the AT-AT snow walkers in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back”.

2 thoughts on “Long time no type

  1. DarkSide

    So bad ideas really can come from anywhere!

    Is it also the same spot where he came up with the idea for the trade war robots and Jar-Jar Binks?

    I think I see a cloud that reminds me of pastries.

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