The Nautilus Part 4: Bridge and Soldering

Posted March 5th, 2014 by Devin and filed in Modeling, The Nautilus

IMG_5225Ten days in Costa Rica and the coldest winter in memory in the north east have slowed my building.  Since I still can’t airbrush a lot (opening the window is NOT an option), I’m still plugging away at other items. I’ve added brass rods through the lower hull that will serve two purposes: to mount the sub to its base, and to provide power into the hull for the lighting.

I also installed the bridge assembly, which is from the PE set. The bulkheads and deck of the bridge are very well done, and fit like a glove. The details of it, however, suffer from the “What scale am I?” sickness that the rest of the kit has. Photos now, more after…

After finishing the custom pieces, nothing fit. The wheels and columns were too tall, so I cut them down. If I placed them where the kit said to, then there’d have been no room for a person to stand (yes, it’s just a sci-fi model, but I think about such things). I made a platform to cover the hatch in the middle of the deck, cut down one of the steering columns and the throttle quadrant, attached them both. For all you’ll be able to see this once assembled, it’s adequate.

I’m onto the electronics now, as I wait for yet more repair parts for my airbrush. I haven’t soldered in years, and it shows. Just more to learn.

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