USS Chickasaw Part 8: Final Sheeting

With power out for nearly a week and subsequent clean-up from Sandy, I haven’t done much modeling lately.  Yesterday evening I scheduled time to work on the remaining sheeting for Chickasaw, and today I trimmed and sanded the result.  A little filling and sanding is left, but then I believe I can prime the two hull halves, do a final check for blemishes, and then assemble the two and begin scribing.

2 thoughts on “USS Chickasaw Part 8: Final Sheeting

  1. Devin Post author

    I keep most of them. I’ve sold a couple of things to collectors or built on commission, but things like the Mobile Bay diorama I still have here. Those are only 1/600 scale ships, so that entire thing is only 12 X 8 inches (a good size for a Hoboken, NJ, condo). At the time I built that diorama I didn’t know the full details of the battle, so if I were to do it again (and I may) I’d have Hartford and Manhattan in there, too.

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