Hour of the Wolf Appearance

Recently the Altered Fluid writing group appeared on the Hour of the Wolf on WBAI.  This time it was I who was on the chopping block with a new short story.  The story, very tentatively titled, Number Thirty-Five, was a very rough draft.  I had considered turning in something that I’d worked a little bit more on, but I went ahead with the rough piece.  It turns out it was a good choice, as this time the show was a bit different as well.  We recorded the critiques at a meeting in September, and did the radio show 4 months later.  This allowed us to discuss the story as it was critiqued, and also gave us the chance to talk about some of the changes that have come about in edits.  Since recording the show i have continued to work on the story, inspired by the conversations that night, and hope to have it ready to submit to a market or two in the near future.

** EDIT **WordPress is being screwy with the link I posted.  Copy and past the below into your browser and it’ll bring up the MP3 of the show:

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