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This is a diorama that took me WAY too long to build; off-and-on nearly four years.  Granted there were months at a time where I did no work on it at all, but it still is a long time.

The cruiser is the Yankee Model Works kit of the USS Juneau.  I built it almost out-of-the-box.  The destroyer is the USS Laffey; it is kit-bashed from a Yankee Model Works USS Farenholt and USS Aaron Ward kit. 

Lots of photos below.  I was practicing with the new hot-shoe flash I picked up for my Canon G2 and some of the shots came out great, some not so much.  I didn't feel like sorting through them.

You can read a full article on how I built this diorama on the Model Warships website.

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148-4862_CRW 148-4863_CRW 148-4864_CRW 148-4865_CRW 148-4866_CRW
148-4867_CRW 148-4868_CRW 148-4869_CRW 148-4870_CRW 148-4871_CRW
148-4872_CRW 148-4873_CRW 148-4874_CRW 148-4875_CRW 148-4876_CRW
148-4877_CRW 148-4878_CRW 148-4879_CRW 148-4880_CRW 148-4881_CRW
juneau-1 juneau-2 juneau-3 juneau-4 juneau-5
juneau-6 laffey-1 laffey-2 laffey-3 laffey-4