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Devin J. Poore

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The main components are made up of these canisters.  These were purchased at "The Container Store".  I've seen similar at other stores, but these really grabbed my eye.  they're clear, for good lighting when painting, heavy duty ABS plastic to stand up to stacking and storage, and after you use them for a while and get paint buildup in them, you can wipe them down with a solvent soaked rag and get them to like-new condition.

The large one is 25" X 15" X 12"; large enough for everything up to battleships.  I believe the price of it was $13 or less.  They make one that is one size larger (can't remember the exact dimensions) which I will be picking up when it's time to move onto the Trumpeter and BWN aircraft carriers.

I used two of the smaller containers and their lids in this project.  This container is about 7" X 6" X 3". $3 each sounds about right for their price (it's been a while since I bought them).